Veset Nimbus API documentation (1.0.0)

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7/9/2024, 3:17:41 PM


Nimbus API service uses JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication workflow, where in every request you include authentication secret. All interactions are stateless meaning there is not session or cookie carry through between requests.

To create new token in Nimbus UI, go to either:

  • Settings -> Users -> Organization tokens, or
  • Settings -> SP Users -> Service provider tokens

Then click Generate token on the right side and fill in the necessary details:

  • Be descriptive in the token name with distinct use case to make life easier later
  • Assign a role with least privileges required to do the job. You should create dedicated roles only for API use.
  • Set expiry time short as feasible to keep token rotation on regular practice.

If you need to hand out the token for 3rd party integrations or do multiple integrations with different environments and goals - please use separate tokens for each. Always consult your organisation security policies to set optimal workflow for your use case.

The token must be treated as a secret/password - make sure to not include in Git repositories or documentation files. I.e., rather use deployment specific .env files and secret management tools available to your environment. You can always renew and rotate the tokens without impact to Nimbus service.

Making requests

Include JWT inside the Authorization header with Bearer key. Many of the Nimbus API endpoints require Accept header, it is good practice to include always as a default.

curl -X GET "" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"

Follow here to explore full description of request above.